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Illustration is one of our favourite parts of the design process. Whether you want some quirky manga cartoons or a custom illustration for some wall art. We are the people to speak to. We have worked on many projects for corporate clients, schools, colleges, fashion designers and many more. A range of materials such as Oil paints, acrylic paints, watercolours, oil pastels, pencil and more are all available to be used. These illustrations can also be converted to digital artwork.

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Some of our latest work

Little Birdy Branding and Leaflet Design

Hi guys, worked on a really interesting project for a client, Seema Viram based in Leicester. She is a designer of exclusive embroidery gifts and bespoke gifts. We were approached by her to create her some branding, web banners and leaflets. Always love a brief that;s...

ISKCON 50th Anniversary Bookmarks and Brochures

We at Decipher are always involved with all types of projects. We work very closely with the ISKCON foundation and do alot of service for them where we can with designs and advice. It gives us great pleasure and fun to have been given the opportunity to design some...

The ideal typeface – history of typographic evolution

What kind of character should letters have, and which aspect of character should their content convey? Is the customer a newspaper, are you designing a letter on your own initiative, just “for fun”, or does a company need a new house style for its communication strategy?

Read on to find out a glimpse of how typography started to evolve with pivotal changes since the 1800’s.

The Physician Magazine – BAPIO, NHS production

Decipher Graphic Designs was in charge of the design, print and production for the magazine called "The Physician" produced with BAPIO. We worked closely with all of the doctors and authors of all of the articles, got them proofread, designed and printed all in 7...

Wall art at Krishna Avanti School Leicester

Hi all, I've been really busy and working on a range of design projects in Leicester aswell as London! My most recent bit of art commissioning has been finished today at the Krishna Avanti School in Leicester. I have already painted their reception welcome area. This...

Acrylic on wall – Krishna Avanti Leicester

I have had some great fun creating an entrance painting for the Krishna Avanti School in Leicester. This is a hand drawn painting created using acrylic paints. Acrylic paints are my favourite medium to work with as they are thick, bright and brilliant to mix. The...

Sporty Tiger – New Branding

Rolling the posts out today! Well why not when I'm working so hard to get things ready for my lovely clients! Some new branding signed off today by an upcoming ecommerce store - Sporty Tiger! All ready for Brazil?

New Shruti Arts – Mircon Plastic Membership Cards

Hi all, Literally just received a delivery for some shiny new membership cards for Shruti Arts. They sure look really impressive! They are printed on 450 micron plastic with 3 signature strips. Another job well done by Decipher!

My Luxury Business Cards Have Arrived!

Wuhooo! I'm really pleased with the outcome of these designs for my business cards! You can create up to 50 different designs per batch print, and that's amazing in itself! The front can change but the reverse has to remain the same. Think of the possibilities when...

T Shirt Samples Have Arrived!

Super exited about the new samples that have arrived for my clothing collection. There will be Manga, Street Art, Spiritual, Darkside and many more ranges. Many designs completed and website is 90% complete. Looking to launch the website in around a week or so,...